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It’s just wine at lunch

I ordered a glass of white wine at lunch – “I am unemployed!” was my response to the raised eyebrow. He said he couldn’t join me – “you know, because I have to work…”

Aaah, yes, that beautiful moment where it feels like the world is at my feet. I can choose to do anything (I guess until the money runs out). But I can’t wait to really choose what the next steps are. Full of freedom – I can move anywhere, and not just survive, but thrive.

So, I will recover from what feels like a really long few years.

And then? Find out what’s next, and fall headlong into life once more.


now, how to stay…

Just when I thought life would be easy, when I was finally living out my purpose I learned the hard way: there are no certainties in life.

I find myself without a job in a foreign country. I look around at my life that feels so full: a great community, a new flat that is starting to feel like home but no way to pay the bills or stay in the country beyond January.

I suppose some might just have thrown in the towel, and decide to go the easy route: to pack up and move back to Canada. Rather, I decided to go to Uganda to assist Miss Shanley of Nakate.

And now I have come back home to Botswana, with more questions than answers. Being sure that I don’t want me and Africa to be finished yet. I am surrounded by friends who believe in me, and a desire to figure this out.

My plan? To finally dream, and feeling like for the first time, I just need to be free.