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It’s just wine at lunch

I ordered a glass of white wine at lunch – “I am unemployed!” was my response to the raised eyebrow. He said he couldn’t join me – “you know, because I have to work…”

Aaah, yes, that beautiful moment where it feels like the world is at my feet. I can choose to do anything (I guess until the money runs out). But I can’t wait to really choose what the next steps are. Full of freedom – I can move anywhere, and not just survive, but thrive.

So, I will recover from what feels like a really long few years.

And then? Find out what’s next, and fall headlong into life once more.


September brings…

August turning into September brings: my new favourite story about sanitary pads and monkeys (and how I got to find a solution to that problem at the hangar), which is now surpassing that story where I started dating my best friend’s sister’s boyfriend (unbeknownst to either of us). A new flat that is coming together. A sunburn that reminds me of a great weekend, with new possibilities. A meeting at the mission that proves sometimes Christians aren’t as forgiving as we ought to be. And soon, I get to celebrate another year – here in Botswana and in life. Send presents.