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They remind me to stay present.

It’s a beautiful outside – finally a wave of warmth after weeks of intense cold. I wandered aimlessly through Inglewood, a quirky outdoor shopping area in Calgary. My 3 hours of sleep making anything more urgent impossible.

I practice mindfulness – focusing on the present to keep the anxiety at bay. It’s been a hard week, seemingly everyone else’s drama is creeping in and my coping reserves are spent.

But I walk, and observe and let the thoughts of worry pass by like clouds on a windy day.

A bride, her white sparkling gown dragging in the now dirty streets, laughs as her veil whips over her head in the wind. An old man lights up his pipe and leans against the barbershop storefront – he closes his eyes as if experiencing the inhale for the first time. They remind me to stay present.

I walk into a café and revel in the ability to drink good coffee. My only care is that they ran out of chocolate chip cookies. With each sip of Americano, I sink deeper into contentment.

My phone whistles at me – I get a message from C that makes me even happier, satisfied knowing that I am supported even from afar.

This life is good. I just needed to remind myself of that today.