A year.

It’s been a year since I left Botswana. So much has changed. But more than the steady job, the good apartment, a great yoga practice – I’ve learned to breathe.

And with breathing, I have found out how strong I am. I handle panic attacks and flashbacks by being mindful, and actively breathing. Sounds simple? It’s taken a long time and hours of therapy to get here, and it’s still a process.

In realising how much I have transformed, I found this online from Energy Muse Jewelry:

Wear your Evolve Mantra Wrap to help grow and transform yourself to reach the energy of love. African Turquoise helps to heal old wounds and aspects of yourself that are holding you back from personal growth.

It hit me hard. That’s what I need to do – move on, heal the old wounds and continue on a journey of personal growth. So whether or not I buy this piece of jewelry is insignificant. I am moving forward, in love.

With that, it seems only right to continue my ramblings to a new space. Moving to a blog that isn’t about me in place I no longer live. Obviously, this Sheila ain’t in Africa no longer.

If you care to follow – here it is. It’s still under construction. But isn’t that true of life too?

So cheers, to an amazing 5 years together. I’m so thankful.





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