Pigeons, hot dogs and the breathe.

Last year, life was a hell of a lot different. Last year, I started a post with “deep breaths“. This year, I am so aware of how this has become my journey:

Anyone can hide. Facing up to things, working through them, that’s what makes you strong.

I am in a ‘facing up to things’ type of life. It only makes sense that my practice in yoga follows this shift. For the first time unassisted I was able to get into full Royal Pigeon pose. It’s centimeter by centimeter breathing in and letting go, melting into a difficult pose. This pose, this asana, involves a backbend, a hip opener, and opening up your chest and shoulders. And so with each backbend, I hang onto this teaching:

Backbends take us into our future. As they open our heart, we begin to forgive others and let go of seeing ourselves as victims. We can through forgiveness dissolve the hurts that have kept us from our true nature, which is love. It is not possible to simultaneously play the victim and be a realized enlightened being. The choice is ours. With practice, we develop tremendous strength that enables us to move forward in life with a sense of adventure, fearlessly, with joy, confidence, compassion and love—the path to enlightenment. via Jivamukti Yoga

That’s it. That’s the realization that I am a victim no longer. There’s that joy that is just aching to be let out. I can be free to be real, without the burden of  a victim label.

And so that means that some days, it is sweating out in yoga, finding my limits or you know, putting on a hot dog hat, and hanging out with some of my favourite people. dec062013_7671


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