now embrace waves, depths, undersea mountains

Everyday is busy as I spend my final few weeks in Botswana – selling things, trying to wrap up work while fitting yoga among drinks with friends. During all of this I am overwhelmed with nostalgia.

This isn’t some greatest hits album though – some of it has been absolute hell: full of politics and pain.

I love this place even more because of those moments. And I don’t want the hard bits to overwhelm some of the greatest experiences of my life.

Lately during Savasana I have cried. It’s the one time where I am totally still. I let my body fall into the mat. And I cry. For the loss of a life, coincidentally, that I am happy to leave.

Basically, I am stressed – the fingernail biting not sleeping thing has got to end soon.

I read this just now (via Radiant Body Yoga) as a meditation during Savasana, and it rang true to the very core of my being:

Consider all the pain and all the pleasure
You have ever experienced,
As waves on a very deep ocean which you are.
From the depths, witness those waves,
Rolling along so bravely, always changing,
Beautiful in their self-sustaining power.
Marvel that once, you identified with
Only the surface of this ocean.
Now embrace waves, depths, undersea mountains,
Out to the farthest shore.



  1. barqu

    It is amazing how a long, painful day can be one that is more full of memory and growth than the easy peaceful ones. Sorta makes a case for exercise over relaxation (or yoga over lying down).

    Not that any of it is easy. We can only imagine the struggle of another person because we cannot experience what that other person experiences. But we can empathise, because we have struggled too.

    We continue to anticipate your return, and you are welcome over to coffee or simply to experience an environment filled with chaos again (we have three boys after all).

    Peace girl.

    • Sheila

      thank you Quinn – you always do comments that make me think. and yes, a coffee with your family sounds perfect. even in the chaos đŸ˜‰

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