craving change

I just saw Taco Seasoning mix on a foodie blog’s recipe post, and cringed. Seriously? You just can’t put some cumin in your burrito?

I love knowing exactly what I have put in my food (and being able to pronounce it). Botswana forced me into it though… no taco mixes here… and so my cooking has changed into health foodie style – despite myself. Just in that – not finding what I saw as normal, forced me to change. And the more processed foods I couldn’t find – the more I longed for good that was healthy and unprocessed.

I changed.

And now I want to change again: to be thrown into something I can barely hold my head up in. Maybe that’s why I loved this place so much. Because seemingly everyday something else was thrown at me that I couldn’t handle. Hell, I couldn’t even find taco seasoning.

I was telling a friend that I was needing something to distract me, during a time of me trying to sort out what this change might look like. He said, “So find something else that can motivate you, push beyond the job, do something for yourself”

And I am. I am plotting the next. And I am getting excited. This year? There will be change – lots of it.


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