hot surfer Jesus

Every little thought, or noise, ensures that even if I have time to practice the important spiritual discipline of meditation, I get distracted. And then I get angry at myself for getting distracted.

So when I was expressing my concern over struggling with meditation, my yoga teacher said something that made more sense of the practice:

“Don’t chase the distracting or negative thoughts away, but rather, acknowledge them, and then send them off in love…”

Huh. So me being angry when I get distracted by the noise around me, only distracts me more? Wise words. Okay, maybe it was obvious? Still meditation doesn’t come easy.

And she continued, “Focus on a lovely picture – a flower, your daughter’s face…a picture of Jesus…”

I bit my lip from laughing – a picture of Jesus? Ahhh, yes, that picture of Jesus with long flowing locks, blue piercing eyes, hands stretched out… I knew that would come in handy.

So what if hot surfer Jesus makes for rather odd meditation times? My yoga teacher said it help…

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