be more

A two-hour conversation, full of disconnecting and call backs, led me to this: my parents, are well, brilliant.

I shared with them my heart and new directions. And their response?

“Sheila, we love you. Whatever you do, wherever you live, if it makes you happy, we will support you.”

And I then proceeded to over-share with my mother. Those were thoughts that have been ruminating for months.

It was in direct contrast to another conversation I had with a friend last week… I was spilling,  using her as a sounding board for my present musings and frustrations.

She yelled at me in exasperation, “SHEILA! What is it that you want?”

And I said, “I want a job that matters, where at the end of the day, I can say: it was more than.”

Her response, “Why do you think you can have it all?”

Looking back the only right answer would be “my parents.”

I can blame them for a lot of things, and this is added to the list –

I blame my parents for allowing me the freedom to believe that I can do more. Be more.

And so, yet again, its with mixed reviews, as I forge my plan again.


  1. Quinn Barreth

    Truly your parents rock! Its as if Yoda and the Good Witch of the West got married (an imperfect analogy, but its early).

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