on a hot Saturday afternoon

My car is broken. And so on a hot Saturday afternoon I donned my baseball cap, put sunscreen on and made a plan to walk to the local shop.

Off I went, along the dirt roads, and then the tar that’s breaking away, dodging cars.

A guy with dreads and a gap tooth, stopped me in my path, “I have a problem…”

I walked around him, speaking over my shoulder “I don’t care.”

He ran up behind me, “But when can we talk about my problem?” he countered suggestively.

I stopped, spun on my heel, and said forcefully “Never.”

He started laughing, and ran back to his friends drinking Chibuku under a tree in their yard.

One down, how many to go?

Further down the way, two young ladies across the road, waved incessantly at me. And so as we exchanged pleasantries, the one girl, suspenders hanging from her skinny jeans, called over, “I want to be your friend!”

I shook my head, “Is it?”

Still a few more blocks in 30 plus degree heat to get through…

I looked to my left, and outside the concrete house, sat two young man, crouching over a laptop perched on a rickety table.

Further on, I walked past the car wash – a blue tarp stretched between two trees.  Men and women sitting, gossiping about the day events.

And I said to myself (as only you do when walking by yourself on the side of the road)… I can do this.

A combi drove slowly past, hooting – do I need a lift?

I waved him on.

Sometimes, a girl just needs to walk and process life.


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