My battery is low

I came to the office not rejuvenated but drained.

Relationships and situations have been all consuming. Not my drama, but others. I take it on as a mantle. Battling through the days, heavy. But whose battles am I fighting?

My priorities have shifted. And I am totally drained. And angry. I forgot about me. And I had no space in my own subconscious for planning. It was too crowded caring deeply about other people’s drama.

I met with someone who put me into focus this morning. My goals. My dreams.

But they have to become more than that: I need action. Action – not sitting back and allowing others to put their shit on me, while I sit and wait for what’s next.

I feel like my chair in the corner covered in clothes. You know the one? It’s purpose is to actually be seating, but because it doesn’t do anything but be in the corner, it becomes the dumping ground for clothes, keys, make-up.

While right now, I am chucking the clothes off. Putting them back where they belong, and using the chair – metaphorically of course, I am looking at the useless chair as I write this while lying on my bed…

I can’t take it anymore.

And it makes me excited for what is to come.

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