all curse words and tax collecting

She called me an evangelist, “you bring people together” she said.

We were speaking of my birthday party. I was nervous, worried that my friends from all walks of life wouldn’t connect.

It was quite the collection of people: black, white, old, young, gay, straight, volunteers, entrepreneurs, Christians, Atheists, my drinking buddies, the friends I only talk politics with – the differences are endless. It really was  quite the group. If you were to perform a demographic analysis the only thing they would all have in common? Botswana and me.

To be honest, I was enjoying myself so much (as one should at her own birthday), I couldn’t tell you if it went well or not.

An evangelist? I don’t know about that.

But I do know that Jesus comes in all shapes and forms. He comes in those non-judgmental moments of taking people as they are, all curse words and tax collecting.



  1. barqu

    Just hung with your parents on Friday. Man are they cool. Your dad is totally funny and your mom is totally patient – I think these things may be related ;-).

    Great to read The last two posts and feel confidence and hope oozing from them. Continue in His grace and peace friend.

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