on the curb eating ice cream

I was sitting on the curb in the Spar parking lot, a bike at my feet, talking with Ati – my favourite precocious seven-year old.

He deserved an ice cream after a bike ride to the shops (although I might have deserved the treat more, I did run beside his bike after all).

I laughed as he tried catching the drips running down his hand, “It’s nice,” he said.

And so we people watched together, discussing life’s great questions, like “why does that man have no front teeth?”

A perfect start to summer.



  1. barqu

    Hey Kid! Happy Birthday too! I am sure you can celebrate your latest circumnavigation of the nearest stellar object in fine style (or have already, I suppose). Glad to hear you still get some ice cream now and again!

    BTW, love the new look of the page. Very bright and cheerful. Good for pics too. (still praying for you, still hoping everything is good)

    • Sheila

      Thanks Quinn! Exactly – it was a good week (I celebrate for at least a week, ha!)
      And thanks, I needed a fresh start – seemed like changing the blog was a good start!

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