it’s never too late

This week the weather changed in an instant. One evening it was cold; bundling in scarves and the next? Hot, hot, hot.

Summer has arrived. And the transformation was faster than I could keep up with.

Can transformation happen that quickly? I mean the kind of change that’s deep down; full on change.

I was about to move into a new place, with a new roommate. I had dropped things off already, and was sitting in a cafe with Joanne sobbing when I was supposed to be moving. Deep down I didn’t feel comfortable with my decision, and I knew the issue, but I told her – no, I have to move, I am homeless if I don’t. The decision is made, it’s over!

Through my tears I added – “it just pisses me off, my vision board has the word haven in it. And this won’t be that.”

Joanne looked at me – “Sheila, you know, you just made the decision by saying that.”

And so we made plans over our pizza and beer shandy. And in the space of an afternoon, I made a completely new decision, told my almost roommate the news, and hired a storage unit (complete with newly purchased padlock).

All because I had finally listened to myself.

So yeah, the transformation didn’t happen overnight, like our change into summer, it was progressive. And I was able to take control of life, to see my decision making in a new light.

And now?

I am in a new place, that has become a haven. I have a new vision board with the phrase “it’s never too late…”

Because it never is too late for change. Or to make a decision. Or to start loving and knowing yourself.

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