the world in black and white

I’m a minority here.

Some days it’s obvious, when little kids come up and start shouting, “Lekgowa, lekgowa” or pictures with friends end up me looking like the undead.

The other day someone asked me if I was a racist.

I was surprised, the context baffled me, and my first thought came out in response –

“If you lined up the men that I have dated, you wouldn’t have needed to ask that… “



  1. Quinn Barreth

    I so enjoy the lack of pretense people from that part of the world exhibit. “Thought enters head, question comes from mouth,” brilliant. It is very foreign to our white-bread country (pun intended).

    Hope you’re doing great. You’d be satisfied with the weather here right now for a change.

    • Sheila

      right!?!? it is refreshing indeed.
      doing okay, just okay. I had to share something light hearted for a change.

  2. Quinn Barreth

    Nearly a month since we’ve heard from you. Hope you are well (not needing to share something light-hearted, but genuinely having a heart that is lightened).

    • Sheila

      Thanks Quinn. Yeah, still trying to process a lot. And am living in an interim location until I can find accommodation. But soon, a new blog post will be up.. I am sure 🙂

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