burst out, mouth open, head thrown back

The other day, Rosi was telling a great story.

And I laughed.

Now, if you know me – then you’ve heard it before. It’s the one where I burst out, mouth open wide, head thrown back.

It’s the kind of laugh that comes from my toes, and takes me by surprise.

It isn’t attractive. And it tends to echo.

Echo it did. The entire cafe stops. Dead. And all eyes are on me.

Rosi, saying, as I’m putting my hand over my mouth to muffle the ensuing guffaws:

“Child! You need to laugh like a lady!”

<sigh> it seems as if some things will never change.



  1. DrNikkiBlog

    Screw that! Everyone comments on my laugh. It’s unmistakable. I love it. It’s evil, though. 🙂
    How DOES a lady laugh, anyway? Boringly? With their legs crossed, and a hand over their mouth? BAH! No, thanks!

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