Reframe it

There was an armed robbery late at night this past Sunday. I am physically unharmed. My stuff has been gone through, and valuables have been stolen. My safety net has been ripped apart.

A funny thing, this whole trauma experience means that my life as I knew it before has changed. I will now see life through this lens. This isn’t the first traumatic experience I have had here, though considerably the most terrifying.

Africa, she has changed me. And there have been those moments where I thought I would drown.

A friend says, “You should just go home. You have been through too much. What’s left for you here, what are you trying to prove?”

Who knows, maybe I am addicted to the growth and development all of these experiences have forced me into. But regardless, leaving is not the best decision for now.

Another friend told me, “it is funny how we as humans only gain perspective from shitty things, like they make life more real to us.” He told me to re-frame it; be thankful for life.
That will come. Re-framing the situation from a trauma to never recover but rather a piece of my life’s story.

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