this is me trying to sound clever

I am ever learning, growing, re-evaluating. And that makes things hard. Friendships feel the effects. And at times, my dignity gets a slap around as well. So, even sharing here can be a struggle.

I’m on a constant battle. I am fighting for my knowledge, my view-point. And this creates ripples in others’ thinking. And that means friends start to feel uncomfortable….

And what can I give to those moments? It might have looked like crying apologies. Or yelling louder than the “opponent”.

But I offered up, “I am listening”.

I may not agree. I may think you’re full of shit. But I must listen. I need to ask “what can I learn?” rather than shouting obscenities cause I think you’re an idiot.

No, this doesn’t mean I stop speaking up. Rather it provides avenues to share my opinions more freely. In a  mentality of moving forward, not creating walls.

Funny what listening can do.

And so here goes. A new mantra… what should have been written on my door post long ago:

“Before you act, listen

Before you react, think

Before you spend, earn

Before you criticize, wait

Before you pray, forgive

Before you quit, try” via

Right? One of those common sense moments…that smacked me upside the head.


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