I blame MTV & fatcakes

I swore I would never ride a combi again after I first purchased my first car. But after an accident almost two months ago, with a variety of delays I don’t even want to get started on, I am still without transport.

And so I ride the combis. And walk. And at times, hitch.

My feet are full of blisters and dirt. My wallet full of change.  But through it all my humor has remained intact (?).

But to be fair, I am one second away from drop kicking the next guy who hits on me.

And so on Sunday morning, as I found myself with zero coffee, I missioned for my first cuppa.

And during the one of many combi rides, I found myself in a traumatizing situation, and having to sms a friend saying,

“there was a reason why colour blocking and spandex should never have been introduced to Gabs…”

I blame MTV and fatcakes, no not for my lack of transport, but for seeing a beautifully curvaceous woman literally stuffed into a pair of electric blue spandex, which she naturally paired with a low cut canary yellow blouse.

You can thank me later that I do not travel with a camera.


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