Happy Holi!

It has been hot. And quite frankly, I have been cranky. It seems only right and fair then, that I participate in a Hindu celebration focusing on joyousness.

We threw off our self-consciousness and painted one another, got into water fights, and naturally ate good food. In amidst the dancing to loud Bollywood music I asked my fellow Caucasian… “I hate our lame holidays, I wish I was Indian!” To which he replied, “But think of Christmas. We get presents at Christmas.”

almost ready to get into the throes of dancing

Yes, giving up presents would be hard. But a holiday that is based on ignoring the caste system and just being totally without reservation with strangers was a great experience. My favourite moment? Watching a man pour an entire bottle of juice over a woman’s head, and amidst her sputtering, he yells –

“It’s Liquifruit – Mango and Orange!”

I couldn’t wish for a better way to spend a hot summer’s afternoon.

we're almost "too clean!"

Bonus? My white tank is now a colourful tie dye. Not to mention while in the shower I found out how I would look like as a Herero woman.


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