more than… bacon

In amongst the politics in an organisation, the feelings of why am I still in Botswana?, and the realisation that this Christianity needs to be bigger than just another set of rules to be live by…I bring to you, no, not a chapter in my own book (one day people, one day), but rather an exert from Lamb, The Gospel according to Biff, Christ’s Childhood Pal by Christopher Moore. Here is a conversation from Jesus as named Joshua and Biff.

Biff: “Joshua (Jesus), you’re the Son of god. You’re the Messiah. That implies – oh, I don’t know – that you’re a Jew! You can’t eat bacon.”
Joshua (Jesus): “God doesn’t care if we eat bacon. I can just feel it.”
“Really. He still feel the same way about fornication?”
“Killing? Stealing? Bearing false witness? Coveting thy neighbor’s wife, et cetera? No change of heart on those?”
“Just bacon. Interesting. You would have thought there’d be something about bacon in the prophesies of Isaiah.”
“Yeah, makes you wonder, doesn’t it?”
“You’re going to need more than that to usher in the kingdom of God, Josh, no offense. We can’t go home with, ‘Hi, I’m the Messiah, God wanted you to have this bacon.’”
“I know. We have much more to learn. But breakfasts will be more interesting.”
“Go to sleep, Josh.”

I love that. The concept that in life and in faith, this thing needs to be about something bigger, something beyond ourselves. Something ‘more than’. Though, right now, I just want some bacon. Mmmmmm, bacon.


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