the ramble that is life

And so life is like that.

A signed document to get paid out on a totaled car. Actual physio (that hurts so bad I want to punch her face). Awkward moments with my neighbor downstairs. Worry over days on my visa. Drinks with friends. Hilarious moments in the office. The constant worry over money. A man who I wish liked me more. Watching and being happy for friends who are winning, even when I am not. The intense heat, that makes me want to cry and sit in an air conditioned corner.

note, I am the one prepping!

And with that, I continue to stay. Some moments questioning my sanity. Some thinking Plan B sounds like a good option. But I stay. And that decision is enough to get me through.



  1. Quinn Barreth

    Life is not lived in big plans or in grand vistas, but step-by-step. One foot in front of the other, reminding ourselves of the blessing of being able to lift our foot at that moment. Keep strong, feel deeply, praise God (whether you choose Ps8 or 22, its up to you).


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