now, how to stay…

Just when I thought life would be easy, when I was finally living out my purpose I learned the hard way: there are no certainties in life.

I find myself without a job in a foreign country. I look around at my life that feels so full: a great community, a new flat that is starting to feel like home but no way to pay the bills or stay in the country beyond January.

I suppose some might just have thrown in the towel, and decide to go the easy route: to pack up and move back to Canada. Rather, I decided to go to Uganda to assist Miss Shanley of Nakate.

And now I have come back home to Botswana, with more questions than answers. Being sure that I don’t want me and Africa to be finished yet. I am surrounded by friends who believe in me, and a desire to figure this out.

My plan? To finally dream, and feeling like for the first time, I just need to be free.


  1. Cousin Bev

    We praying for you – that God would show you the next step. We are looking forward to spending C-mas in Regina this year. – and Keplyn is looking forward to shopping for a grad dress. I find it hard to believe that she will be gone from home this time next year!! Keep us posted on how you are doing.

  2. J. West

    Your’re in our prayers too. It will work out!
    Please send your new address as we were wanting to send a small parcel.
    Auntie Jan

  3. J. West

    Thanks Sheila. Small package was sent on Sat Dec 10. Just for you.
    You’ll be in our thots and prayers. Bob is talking to George as I write this.
    Take care.
    Love and Best wishes for Christmas. You will be missed.

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