Message from Canada

I just got the greatest message from my sister, Karen. Mckenna, her second, was one year old when I left for Africa. But when I visited last month we made up for lost time by playing ponies, colouring, and painting our nails. Here is a note from Mckenna:

To Auntie Sheila
I love you so much. I don’t like anyone else as much as I like you.

Karen: is that all you want to say?
Mckenna: what more do I need to say?
Karen: good point

There is pure love and joy coming from a little one who only knows me through my sister, and a few hours of playtime. How great is that? And really, there is nothing else to say. A very clever girl.


One comment

  1. Quinn Barreth

    That rocks. It is great to have the little people in your life speak the full truth in brevity.

    Sorry I haven’t been chiming in as much recently. Changing technology platforms means I haven’t updated all my bookmarks. But we still have you on our minds and I try to watch for you on Twitter too (but I am very out of touch with that lately too!).

    I loved your last post too btw. I would imagine life in Bots would have some significantly simpler admin processes. And being seen as desirable is always good (in a very general sense).

    Happy Thanksgiving (because it has as little relevance to you where you are as it does to me, where I am).

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