on being a missionary

I’m just two weeks shy of being in Botswana for a full two years, and I look back…

I knew that being a missionary wouldn’t be easy. I was almost certain of it.

For me “missionary” conjures up images of well, every cliché I can think of (non-trendy clothes and bad hair cuts spring to mind…). And no matter how often they are hitting you up for money the slide show always seemed to end with a sunset.

I am not a pastor. Nor am I an evangelist, in the strict sense of the word. But I was good at what I did – and I loved serving in a ‘non-conventional’ way. I tend to not agree with conservative Christian worldviews (for instance, I think women should be pastors if they are called to be.) I like cool hair cuts, lattes, and pretty shoes. Basically, I am everything that a missionary isn’t. Right?

But then something happened. God told me to “go” and now coincidentally “stay” albeit in a different way than I even thought possible.

I now realise that missionary is not some hideous cliché, but full of people who have given up everything to follow Christ. And yeah, giving up everything sometimes means non-trendy clothes and less than stellar haircuts.

Honestly, I am so sick of clichés and supposed tos. I crave freedom to live the way that God has called me. It might look different from how God has called you. But at the end of the day, I am so thankful that God couldn’t care less about clichés. He cares so much for us. And calls us differently.

And you know what? He even allowed me to serve in a place where I can get a latte, and I have a friend who cuts my hair pretty. Sometimes He cares for us even in the ways we didn’t think it was even possible. I was not forsaken; God is here and present every step of the way.

And He continues to guide me, and altogether shows me that I can serve Him in a way that fits who I am.


  1. Quinn Barreth

    Right on. Learning that living a life of faith, a life as a Christ follower, means living a life where God explodes all your cliches, one by one. Learning to live in a dynamic tension, between where you are called and where you want to go. We are very moved, impressed, inspired, (add your adjective here) by the way you have answered the call and lived through the mess of what you have been called to.

    Continue to write, continue to keep us informed that we may keep you in our prayers. Blessings from the Barreth 5.

  2. Quinn Barreth

    Life must be busy. Haven’t seen an update here or on Twitter for a little while. Hope all is well, still praying for you.

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