Lofty thoughts on a Friday morning

I have a lot of dreams. Many of them are frivolous, lofty thoughts, but some are good solid future thinking dreams. My dreams can almost read ‘plans’. That’s how certain life can be for a twenty something, Canadian women.

I was reading more on the Nakate Project,

side note: if you haven’t already donated towards their noble cause, click here. They don’t get any of the money raised unless they reach their goal.

I am moved by the stories of these girls, in hopeless situations, who might have dreams, but  in their current situation, those dreams are unattainable. Shanley writes about them here.

And it got me thinking…

what am I doing to help the future generation of young women?

The Nakate Project is committed to these women. It isn’t just throwing money at a hopeless situation and running. It’s investment. Investment in their future. Caring about their dreams, and fighting the hideous reality that life has come to  prostitution and poverty.

Who am I investing in?

…it’s about people. Time. Relationships. Investment will change the future for women.


  1. Quinn Barreth

    Where are you now exactly? Out of Gabarone? Are you still working in the offices? Sorry, but I haven’t been quite following your latest adventures and all these references to living in the great wild have me wondering where you are at.

    • Sheila

      Still working in Gabs, but have moved out into the bush whre I am housesitting for friends and I am commuting into the city.

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