$1 empowers women

Africa. It has a hold on me. There is so much need here, and yet so much opportunity for growth. You’ve heard me talk about the Nakate Project before, and have seen Shanley Knox’s blog. I love Shanley because she saw a huge need in a village in Uganda, and is now focused on empowering women.

Nakate is an enterprise by nature, and usually makes their money to send back to Uganda through selling handmade goods from Kakooge, Uganda. But this week is different. This week, they are directly raising funds to wire back to the women they work with to boost their income in time for school fees, the rainy season and a nearby medical clinic that many of them are traveling to this week. The fundraiser is focused on 40 families, and giving them a break and a much needed financial boost during a hard time of the year.

Founder, Shanley Know, writes “The goal of this fundraiser is to be able to give 100% of these funds to 40 families in Kakooge, Uganda. We are not paying ourselves. We are not spending any of this money to grow our organization. We are sending it all to Uganda.”

 Can you afford to give $1 to empower women? You only have 2 days left to give: Tipping Bucket


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