beauty through the fog

overlooking from Table Mountain, Cape Town

They call it the Table Cloth, the fog that settles over the peak of Table Mountain. It is the most majestic view of Cape Town, but it can be treacherous: blinding fog, and high winds can make the peak impassable and dangerous. But there was a haunting beauty, glimpsing the landscape and city through the dense fog.

Lately, everything seems a metaphor, as I am seeking the will of God in my future.

Let’s be honest, decision-making isn’t easy, let alone future planning. Sometimes it seems that God is distant, like a fog over any answer. But then again maybe because it isn’t easy, because I only get glimpses, maybe that’s just the part in life where I trust, and continue to seek.

No matter though, God speaks through the strangest things – even quotes from the walls of borrowed office spaces.

“If only we knew how to look at life as God sees it, we should realise that nothing is secular in the world, but that everything contributes to the building of the Kingdom of God” -Michal Quoist



  1. Quinn Barreth

    Excellent metaphor. Life is so much of the moving through a fog, because the future is always uncertain, even when we think we have planned it. Best of luck(?) wrestling with the decisions that come your way, but as long as you are being thoughtful in what you choose, there is no wrong decision.

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