a fathers first love

My father loves recycling. I think it might be his favourite thing. But then he came to Botswana. And well, recycling is just not done. And yeah, it pains me too, putting aluminum cans in the trash. And initially, I died a little inside, knowing back in Canada, those recyclables wouldn’t be destined for the dump. Yes, my father trained me well.

But now, rather than recycling I reuse things. Like old glass bottles are being transformed into storage containers. Cracked bowls are now pots for indoor plants. And every zip-loc bag from North America is washed, to be used as many times as possible. Even magazines are passed around to every friend (I just finished a fashion mag from last year, don’t judge).

So being earth friendly is harder, but sometimes you just have to use your imagination. And quite honestly, if I can’t think of how to use it I just put random things by my rubbish container outside, and someone from the street is bound to pick it. A dirty roll of carpet was picked in less than an hour! I think that was the fastest thing I ever saw in Botswana.

What I once considered trash, is now transformed into something beautiful and useful… speaking of trash (and transformation, coincidentally)… Read this from Jamie, the very worst missionary.


  1. George

    Little does Sheila know, that I (her father) purchased another suitcase and will be returning to Canada with it full of recycling from Botswana and South Africa. I’m not sure what Customs will say but I’ve learned a few things from border crossing officials here in Africa and I think I can do it.

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