from Kasane to Cape Town

Right now, I am travelling with the parents. The timing for this vacation and their support could not have been better.

Truly, I am hoping that they get to experience why I love Africa, why this region has taken ahold of my heart. So after far too long in Gaborone, we made our way North to Kasane, on the Chobe river. Their first game drive, they saw a great sighting of cheetah and lion (and on their first safari no less). Then, due to close proximity, we did a day trip to see the Victoria Falls on the Zimbabwe side.

Victoria Falls, Zimbabwe

And now, we switch gears, from the bush in Northern Botswana to the wonderful city of Cape Town, South Africa. So far, the only downside? I get overwhelmed in shopping centres here, too many choices or something. I told the sales clerk today that I stay in Botswana… as this should explain why I can’t seem to even pick out my own underwear (way too much information, but yes, I did just buy new underwear, and winter boots too).

Off we go for more great things to see and experience in this beautiful city. And if you’re not jealous yet… well, I question your sanity. So start saving up people – I make a wonderful tour guide.


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