I came to a new continent and I was alone.

Those first few days, jet lagged, disoriented and living in a house alone surrounded by high walls was daunting. And yet, through it or more likely because of it I have been blessed with some of the greatest friendships:

A friend who unknowingly was part of changing my presuppositions on being a missionary, trusting in God and even on love.

And another couple who have become my family. Who says being a third wheel is a bad thing?

Another friend has since moved from Gabs to another far more metropolitan, American city. As we were chatting the other night she reminded me: it’s not so much the location but about the people who make up your community, that makes a place great. And though my community here is small and ever-changing, I know its true.

Gabs is not much of a city to look at, but the people I am surrounded with are beautiful.

Shelly and Caleb overlooking Gabs


  1. edie/george

    Sheila- we arrived in Rome today. Four more sleeps! Can hardly wait. Will try to email before we leave, but can’t promise. Love you.

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