Future – you don’t scare me… as much.

From the Nambian Coast, overlooking the sea.

After talking with a friend back home I realised something: I am not as without a future as I thought. It scares me that this part of my journey might be over. But honestly, I know the future. Okay, not the details. But I could tell her with great confidence that:

1. Africa and me – we’re not finished

2. I can’t go back to the old me, nor to the selfish, mundane, existence as before.

And so there it is. The future for me is what I hope everyone can achieve: “Whatever you do, wherever you desire to be – you can use your skills, talents and passions to do good.” —- is it weird that I just quoted myself?

From the dunes in the Namib desert.

So yeah, the future feels more certain. As long as I hang onto those two things. I think these last two years have shown me the way forward – whatever that might be.


  1. Quinn Barreth

    I encourage you to hang onto those two things, because you are going to find life much harder here than you do there. Especially because of #2.

    Look back at these posts often when you return, to remind you of the determination you made. Plus, commiserate with those who will understand (your parents, for example).

  2. Quinn Barreth

    Sorry if I sounded less than positive. I think it is great you are keeping this up, if only for us back here to follow.

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