Pieces of a Community

I am a touch surprised at how connected I feel right now. Last week, I was lonely. Friends are leaving soon, and I started to wallow. But then something amazing happened. I started focusing on others, instead of my despair. And now, I feel connected. Part of a community. I realise this probably shouldn’t have surprised me as much as it did.

And because you don’t hear enough about me… you should click here to read Voye’m, a journey in philanthropy, for an interview on me!

Blogger Shanley of Voye’m is one-third part of a team that runs Nakate Project, which is more than selling necklaces… it’s providing hope for women in Uganda.

We brought a piece of Africa home with us. Now, we want to give it to you. Where will you take Africa with you today?”


One comment

  1. Quinn Barreth

    I read the Voy’em thing. Good interview. It is cool to hear a more ‘formal’ version of what you are doing there. Keep it up, stay cool, know you are thought of back here and continue to inspire by persevering through the everyday that God gives you.

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