His name is Manica

My bathroom has turned pink. And to ensure whole girliness, my shower curtain is covered in phrases like, “love” and “you rock”. Nothing like positive reinforcement while showering.

who doesn't want to read "foxy" every morning?

I didn’t mean for this to happen, creating a pink bathroom, but one basket leads to other pink accessories, and then someone gives this as a gift…

His name is Manica

And its a downward spiral from there. To not match his hair to the decor would be a travesty. Oh, and don’t worry, Manica isn’t actually used to clean the toilet.

And so when you all visit (okay, so only my parents are scheduled for this year – boooo to the rest, but yay! to my parents) you can experience the girly joys of pink. And I might even throw in this lovely loo paper…

The prettiest tp around



  1. Quinn Barreth

    I am currently cancelling our travel plans to come see you 😉

    Anyone with a named, non-functional toilet brush in their bathroom might be a bit much for our over-testosteroned clan.

    But Jen would love it!

    • Sheila

      Clearly, Quinn, you are just jealous. I am totally sending Jen a Manica of her own, she’ll create something equally amazing (probably better) for you to enjoy.

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