women who inspire

I came across the Nakate Project through Meg. And through the Nakate Project I came into contact with Shanley. Now I don’t actually know these women. I stumbled upon Meg’s blog last year, and have been faithfully reading it ever since. And she featured the Nakate Project and there’s the sum of it…. So simply click, read and shop!

I had mentioned that I am thinking. And a bit of my think is trying to decide on my future. My time in Botswana cannot be in vain. I want it to change me, forever. I have a feeling my future will make me poorer financially, this I am okay with. But I cannot go back to working to just work. To earn so I can get more things. I need to work, to serve, to allow myself to be the vessel that God needs to bring people closer to Himself. And to make change in the world, to be a fighter against social injustice.

I find stories like the Nakate Project inspiring. It inspires me to dream big, and begs the question: how I can do more?

and leads me to more thinking…

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