Part I: beaches, bribery, and bowling

As I groggily wipe sweat from my brow, I open my eyes, and push the mosquito netting away. I groan as I look at the clock, it’s 6:30am (I am on vacation and it is WAY too early to be getting up), but I can hear the sound of waves crashing onto the beach. Okay, that does make the early morning seem infinitely more bearable. No sense in making coffee – it’s too hot to think about boiling water. The heat will only get worse so now, early morning, is the perfect time to sit and meditate nestled on the sand before the first swim of the day.

I spend my days reading, swimming in the sea, and hiding under a lapa to keep the sun at bay. It is so refreshing to be on vacation – and the knowledge that I am forced to relax; my laptop is nowhere in sight. As I watch the waves crashing into the reef, I can only think of God. He is the one on my mind. I am reminded of Him everywhere. I see His strength in the mighty waves, am reminded of His promise keeping as I walk along the sand, and feel His presence as the wind cools my skin.

Yes, I love the beach.

where the sun can't burn through a wee umbrella...

But the beach, just kilometres north of Xai Xai in Mozambique is only mine for four nights. Now off to Maputo, Mozambique…


  1. Andrea

    Suffering for Jesus. Haha jk. Saw your parents over Christmas and it made me miss you more. Hope you are well and you are relaxed from your beautiful vacation. Seriously my friend 6am is totally tolerable with the view! Try 5am and wind chill of minus 30. This gives little motivation. Miss you so much! Take care of yourself.

    • Sheila

      So true… I think I would take beach over minus any temp any day!
      I miss you too!! Hoping your new year is grand 🙂

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