another trip to the airport

You know how there are just some people who get you? That right away, you can be yourself…. I mean all your disfunctional moments of freaking out at the end of the day, being messy in your house: and there is no judgement. Just love. And prayer. Lots and lots of prayer.

Well, my wonderful roommate, Monica, is leaving tomorrow morning. And it sucks. She has been my rock here. And she has the best way of either just listening or gently nudging correction on me.

God has truly blessed me with a beautiful sister in Christ who I have cared deeply for. We have joked that though 30 years span us, and we come from very different backgrounds – we have bonded. And I praise God for how He gave me the mentor that I needed… when no one else seemed to desire that task.

I am sad. Truly sad to see her pack up her life here.


Monica - in our backyard, with the then new Pex




    • Sheila

      yep, I needed it!
      I must talk to you soon too… I’ll get some airtime before I head on holiday. And maybe we can chat? Missing you like crazy.

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