It’s more than a theory

So I have been taking a sabbatical from driving. It has everything to do with me being charged way too much for the whole month of December when there will be days off for holidays. I don’t like a money grabber. So with that being said, come January, I will be finding a new driving school (because the former instructor must be punished for his grabby ways, not to mention his partiality to hitting on me and peeing while in mid conversation*).

Speaking of driving: one of my favourite questions in the theory book…

Rash behaviour you say?

*“peeing while in mid-conversation” … well, men here in particular seem okay to go to the toilet anywhere, and as Levi so eloquently put it, as he motioned broadly with his hands “Sheila, this is our toilet.” So yeah, the instructor often would just walk a few feet over and start peeing, while we were talking. And no, I wasn’t that shocked, as I should have been. I just refused to answer his questions. I mean really. That is taking multi tasking to a whole new level.


  1. bree

    I know this is like three years late but i so understand what you where going through,my driving school is exactly like the one you went to,i’ve officially giving up on driving

    • Sheila

      such a hectic experience for certain! But press on – driving is such an important skill. Now I get to upgrade my license in Canada though 😦

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