it’s like this…

its funny to me how life can get into just the routine… so here was my morning:

wake up (begrudgingly) to a smoky room – yes there were mozies bugging me last night, so I slept with a burning Doom mosquito coil. I am well aware that I might die because of this.

shower – praise my roommate Monica who put the geyser on early, so I had hot water today! Woo!

onto the combi – I take the combi route quite far so normally I am the last one off… which means I get hit on, asked for a job, money, etc. Note that being called “baby” even before I’ve had my morning coffee is uncool. But what is really fun, is that I can say, ga ke na madi (I don’t have money with an implied for you) and then promptly ema four wa (stop at the four way stop intersection), and then go siame (it’s okay, bye) with a much improved accent.

to the office – greet everyone in the office individually with a O tsogile jang? (how have you risen?) or howzit (basically, whatsup), and turn on the kettle, even before I get my laptop out to start the day.

it might be routine, but I can cherish these moments, where I am finally feeling like this isn’t a constant learning experience every day. And now I can find beautiful moments in the routine. And laugh when I have to walk around cows in the middle of the city. Or just be in awe that I haven’t killed my newly acquired plant.

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