time: like sand through your fingers

Last month, before it got too hot to walk without a sekuku (umbrella), I had a hankering for a great salad from the Italian deli. Only for me I had to walk from the office to the combi stop, and then take the combi beyond the combi rank at BBS, and then walk to the deli. A far trek for just a salad – all in all in took me the full hour of my lunch hour. But worth it. Though since summer has come, an hours trip to the deli might be all I can handle in one day! Eish!

But I digress…I overheard this conversation while waiting for my take away.

Man: (walking over to his friend waiting at the table) Am I late?

Man’s friend: Do you think that you are late?

Man: Well, no but I do not want you to be waiting…

Man’s friend: What does your conscience say?

Man: (thinking) I do not think so, no.

Man’s friend: you see? You are then not late. We will eat!


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