Summer has arrived… so we sweat

It was the independence long weekend here in Botswana, and as any good Motswana would, I joined the mass exodus in leaving the city of Gaborone. Now most Batswana went to their home village, or to a wedding in a village or to a cattle post. But instead a few of us decided to go camping in the Central Kalahari Desert before summer really sets in.

A few things to really understand the conditions we were putting ourselves in:

It’s the desert. It hasn’t rained in like forever. The foliage is basically bush, with the occasional tree. So sand and scrub as a far as the eye can see. And its hot. Really hot.

And since we are “true” campers, we went for some of the most remote and perk-less camping you can do in a national park in Botswana. No water, and a hole in the ground for the toilet.

Sounds intense right?

Well, I mean, it wasn’t luxury but since I wasn’t in charge of the menu… we ended up eating some of the best meals ever. Stuffed Blueberry Cream Cheese French Toast Casserole cooked in a Dutch oven? Yes please! It was so yummy.

So needless to say we didn’t starve. And we had some good times of sitting under a tarp playing Skip-Bo. And one of the best moments? Taking a bucket shower in the middle of the day, and letting the allotted inch of water in a trickle wash my hair… and for a brief moment I felt almost cold. It was glorious.

We did see a leopard, and watched four kudu (and of course sang songs to them), but no lion. Sigh.

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And still – coming back to Gabs, summer has definitely begun. The heat is here. And so we yearn for air con and swimming pools.

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