Leader of the Pack

Spring was like a flash, and now flowers are blooming! Now all we need is some rain!

I went for a walk today to work through some things. And as I was walking and praying, and being generally self consumed, I heard giggling behind me. I abruptly turned around and there were three little girls following me a few paces behind. I stopped, wiped the concentrated humorless look from my face and asked them “what are you all doing?”

The eldest one replied, “we are exercising”.

I laughed, and continued to walk onwards, asking them questions like, “do you like exercising?” they all giggled and answered enthusiastically, “yes!”. I probably could have asked them if they liked getting attacked by feral goats and got the same answer. Nevertheless, we ended up walking a block together, them trailing behind hysterically giggling.

I came home and told my roommate, “I felt like the Pied Piper just now.”



    • Sheila

      It might have been a bit “yelly” at God, but how could I be upset when children were running behind me? He definately gave me a chance to laugh!

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