Safety First!

I was taking a taxi to begin housesitting this past week all the way in Phakalane (a suburb outside of Gabs, feel free to say it in a snooty voice). The driver couldn’t seem to decide on a radio station for our 20 minute route. But, then he settled on house music. Fine, I have come to appreciate house music merely due to the fact that I hear it constantly, and better to embrace than to hate. Anyway, they started in on the chorus and the song’s main theme was to condomise. So basically I was in the car with this driver listening at full volume to “condomise”. And yes, I had to shout over it when giving directions.

And no need to try to relate the two: Chelsea and I are petting a lion.

That's right, just chillin with lions.

Chelsea and I walked with lions in Zambia. They were not caged but part of a rehabilitation programme. No need to ask me questions. I can’t remember exactly what the programme was about. Just that it was cool. See? We’re touching the lions.


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