my friday afternoons…

Every Friday I get out of my desk job (that is a lot less “desk” than most HR Administrators) and go to Gaborone’s poorest area: Old Naledi, and provide help for the feeding programme. Mostly, I hold kids hands, play with them, talk to them (my Setswana is coming… albeit SLOWLY), hand out fruit, and wash dishes.

Chelsea also volunteered at the programme when she visited. And she got peed on...

Is this showing Jesus to these kids? I hope so. Because though it might be frustrating, and I can easily become discouraged: I have to remind myself that the Lord will use our feeble attempts. These kids get a few hours to see what love is all about before they head back to their oppressive lives. God is all-powerful, and He will use it for His glory.

One of the previous short termers, Thato (far left) and some of the girls as we all played together after they were fed.


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