What they don’t tell you in orientation is how to cope with people leaving. I realise that I by no means should be surprised– after all, this is what living abroad is all about: close-knit relationships with transient people.

And yet I didn’t anticipate this notion having more people to “miss”.

As I just said goodbye to Levi on Saturday through tears (Agatha broke first though), just now I will be dropping off a very dear friend yet again. Only a few more hours, two more cds to burn packed with memories, and I will be at the airport waving goodbye to Agatha.

the farewell party - though the theme felt more child's birthday than goodbye...

They have been my family, my sanity. How blessed I have been to have amazing people here in Botswana. Seriously. God has provided abundantly.

And He will be my mainstay – the One who never changes, even when friends come and go (oh Lord, may more come!).

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