Wait, which country am I cheering for?

Today we are celebrating: Ghana and Germany both went through to the next round.

My love for Ghana goes WAY back, when I had my live viewing last Saturday between Ghana and Australia. Clearly, I had to cheer for Ghana… and by cheering I mean screaming, jumping up and down and waving my arms unceremoniously. Though I don’t think anyone could hear my cheers as the sounds of vuvuzelas overpower.

Levi errr, the vuvuzela, Agatha and me cheering on GHANA!

Now comes my dilemma. You see, I had to cheer for Germany when they played Ghana, because Levi is German. I know, how quickly I forget my roots.

And now that USA will be playing Ghana in the next round, well, I am torn once again. Be prepared to be shocked: I have been cheering for the USA.Why you ask? Because Jess is American. Clearly.

Jess and I cheer on USA!

And yes, I am wearing USA around my neck.

This is the beauty of being Canadian: I get to choose whomever I went to cheer for, whenever. Yes indeed, life is grand.


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