It was cold

So I came home from Maun to really, really cold rainy weather. I have no idea the temperature, but it was cold.You see, I think that I am becoming a Motswana. I do not like air con, or wind, nor rain, or a chill of any kind.

We were standing on the tarmac, waiting to push the plane back into place at the Flying Mission Services hangar, and it was raining, and I was miserable. I yelled at Andrew, “HUDDLE! You need to HUDDLE with me!” but he wouldn’t, and pretended that it wasn’t even cold out (he is evil and as a fellow Canadian he foolishly questioned my patriotism). On the drive to my place, Andrew’s vehicle weather thing showed 14 degrees but clearly it was colder. Clearly.

And in my house? Well I became even more chilled. And although the rain has passed now, the chill at night remains as winter is approaching. Here’s the thing, my house is made of cement and tile, and has holes, and windows that don’t seal. And joyfully the air con now heater has become defunct – so bring on the layers at night! And here’s a taste of my fashion prowess, even chilled and sleepy…

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