The woes of transport

My adventure to Maun began early in the morning as my roommate and I drove to the bus rank in Gabs. Riding the bus is an interesting adventure in Canada – and swore that I would never do it again. But here I was, again, only this time in Botswana and after many bus ranks later, villages, chicken dinners being hawked, the smell of body odour (mine too I am sure), one bathroom stop (BYOTP) and ten plus hours of bus riding joy –  I finally made it to visit Jess and Matt!

It was so great to see friends and to celebrate Jessica’s birthday in style! We decided to take a camping trip for one night to Moremi, and as it seems all adventures in Africa, we had quite the mishaps. I am starting to think its me.

Our transport woes:

Before we even got to the park, Matt’s new to him ’89 Land Rover had an elecrical fire, and so four lifts later (I love hitching rides, don’t you?) we were back at their house picking up their smaller SUV the Padjero. Switching our gear from Land Rover to the Padjero, we only sacrifed a few items and my comfort. And now once again off to Moremi!

hitching a ride in one leg of the journey back!

Yes, I am supposed to fit in there somewhere...

After getting stuck in a very large puddle in the Padjero and “playing” in the mud in the pouring rain and being on the look out for that herd of elephant we passed to come and trample us… we finally just waited in the vehicle for three hours for rescue. Now all we had to do was tow the Land Rover back with the Padj, oh and for one part of the trek we were towed by a Toyota Land Cruiser. They took a picture. Apparently, one point for the Land Cruisers team.

So in all in all it was a good trip. Maybe was the worst camping trip ever. But the flooding at night, with rain dripping on my face made me nostalgic for family camping trips in the mountains. Oh good times – going to the movie theatres to warm up. Side note: now in Gabs we go to the movie theatre for a blast of air con.

Best moment? Spotting the hyena 50 feet away before we went to bed… and then Matt woke up from the the same hyena going through some things at the camp site. So cool, in like I am totally scared, but hyped at the same time, kind of way. Naturally, this moment not captured by my camera (or anyone else’s for that matter). But these were…

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Oh, and that bus trip back? Never happened… I hopped on a mercy flight. Yes, I know. I am now very pleased that I work with an aviation organisation. The problem? I am now convinced I can never ride the bus again.


  1. Rod & Jeri Masterson

    Hi, Sheila,
    Just had supper in Calgary with Clinton and Karen (and a very happy Peighton sp?) and got updated on your adventures and your blog site! We have been praying for you. Keep up the good work. We are proud of you!
    Rod & Jeri

    • Sheila

      Thanks so much! So glad that you got to connect with the Cairns! And yet, another person that got to hold Peighton before I did 😉

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