it is random. it is an update.

Transient places can be a struggle but I am combatting this by travelling far and wide!  Tomorrow I will rise bright and early – okay, probably just early, to take the bus from Gaborone to Maun. I think the first bus leaves at half past six, but I actually have no idea.Yep, I live life on the edge.

Good friends just moved to Maun, and so I am making the trek to celebrate Jess`birthday with her. I am glad that it is just a ten-hour bus ride  to be able to reconnect with good friends.

Poor Jess. Apparently it is a good idea to leave space to sit when packing the car. Who knew?

Levi arrived a few weeks before I did, and already his time here is almost to a close. By July there will be another post of how sad I am that people leave, and even more sad? That I won`t be able to hop on a bus to visit him in Germany.

But although there is sadness there is also great joy! Edge of your seat excitement… am I right?

My roommate just bought a dog – I say my roommate bought… because she is the mom and I am simply the auntie. I get all the joy of  companionship but none of the hardship. Good deal.

His name? We are taking suggestions.

More great news? I arrived to the office today and I received a package from my cousin! A book that will keep me on the trip. Thank you Lord for your perfect timing! And Bev for thinking of me!

In totally unrelated news…I was reading in the paper in the classified section (cause well, you never know when a good opportunity might present itself) and was so pleased to see that every kind of skill is needed in Botswana…

Oh... for paper. Phewf, I was worried there for a second.


  1. Bev

    I’m so glad the book arrived – that didn’t take as long as was promised by Can. Post.! Hope you enjoy both the book and your trip.

  2. Karen

    I love reading your posts…especially while I am drinking coffee cause in some weird way it’s like we could be sitting in Starbucks, laughing like crazy at the Guillotine and other random “Tit Bits”. Ha Ha. Sniff. Sniff. Sob. Sob. I love you!

    • Sheila

      One day soon (in like a year or so, but soon in the grand scheme of life) we will be able to sit and chat IN PERSON!

  3. Karen

    I asked Owen about what you guys should name the dog and I quote “I think they should name him Kohski and they should spell it WHIJ.” Mckenna has no comment.

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