A bit… just a bit

One of my favourite things about living in a country where English is the second language of most of its population is that some things get lost in translation…

Guess how many times I have used this phrase since reading it? Just guess...

Dear Editor:

Thank you for your wonderful pieces of filler information…insulting an alligator – how hilarious! And important to ponder!

Just a quick note: some English readers might find the phrase “tit bit”, a little well, offensive, and contrary to a interesting little fact, but rather a small portion of errr… well… nevermind.

Love your paper!




  1. Andrea

    All I can think of is what we use to say when it was cold out. Its a tit bit…. hilarious. Miss you charm my friend!

    • Sheila

      and it only took one small typo (that has coincidentally appeared every week for the past month – no I never did write that letter, it is too funny for me to be the one to put an end to it) to bring that saying back to my mind. I have a feeling most of our other sayings won’t appear in newspapers, but hey, I’ll keep my eyes peeled all the same! Miss you too!!

  2. sheri

    so funny…
    like andrea, makes me think of the chill
    (also, acorns come to mind)
    miss you….haven’t been to eau claire since you left

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